About Us

Genesis Project Family Wellness Center (501C3) is a component of Genesis Project 1 Inc. Genesis Project Family Wellness Center originated out of a need to provide neighborhood programs and added services and supports for families in the local Charlotte community. The Wellness Center continues to provide financial, housing, educational, and social exposure assistance to families in need.

Our Purpose

The Genesis Project 1 works with families, as a total unit, to provide individual and collective services such as counseling, structured groups, exposure events, and in home meetings, with the goal of empowerment, family growth and success. Mission Impossible “We the unwilling, led by the unqualified, have been doing the unbelievable for so long with so little, we now attempt the impossible with nothing.” -Anonymous Many people have written off our youth and their families in at-risk communities. The common assumption is that they are unable to learn, control their behaviors, maintain functional healthy homes, and achieve overall happiness, and prosperity. Today, the lack of goals, hope and direction contribute to youth and adult involvement in gangs, drugs, promiscuity and other destructive behaviors and relationships. However, despite these problems, our communities continue to survive. Genesis’ services have been developed to address the developmental, social and community needs of school-age children and their families in at-risk communities. The Genesis Project’s purpose is to introduce new skills, supports, awareness and opportunities to youth adults in order to deter negative life decisions and inspire families to progress from a perpetual state of surviving to a more satisfying state of thriving!

Changing the world one family at a time.

Youth and their families will develop an increased self-identity, esteem, awareness, communication, goal setting, coping, life promotion/management and decision-making skills through their participation in therapy, psycho-educational groups, intensive case management, and community support services; as well as, advocacy and experential activities designed to deter negative life choices and generational cycles.

Why Choose Us

Because we primarily work with families in crisis, we strive to promote coping, life promotion/management and engagement skills that are alternatives to behaviors that are injurious and detrimental to self or others; provide choices of activities that are meaningful to our consumers; and share control over decisions with the consumers or their legally responsible person and staff. Through our practice, we have found that at-risk families in the Charlotte community and the large majority of GP1 families have numerous obstacles that supersede their mental health needs and impact their ability to access treatment. It is nearly impossible to provide effective mental health treatment for families who, for example, are homeless or facing financial crisis, without assisting them in the area of their greatest current need.